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* Male reproducers :

Some males are preserved on the exploitation and are available all the year. Some bulls, wire of Reflet are on sale.

- Some calves of the year

Veaux salers :

veau salers

- All the females of the year are kept up to 18 months. Ten will be on sale

velles salers

velles salers 2008

velle salers fille de Voltaire velle salers fille de Voltaire

velle salers fille d'Astérix velles salers filles d'Astérix

- The two year old heifers are put at the reproduction (for calving January 2010). Some of them will be on sale.

Génisses salers 18 mois  de 2008

vaches salers

Reflet is the sire to most of the breeding stock that will be for sale this year.

- the males have an excellent conformation and very good growths (last year on 40

males in 8 months they weighed 340kg of average without complementation).

- the females of the breeding type are very developed with excellent basins as well as very good maternal qualities.

Taureau salers


At the medical level, the breeding is officially unscathed of leucosis, brucellosis, tuberculosis. The livestock is unscathed in IBR (qualification A).

For further information do not hesitate to contact to me either by leaving me a mail or by telephone.

Vincent RODDE - Tél. : 04 71 78 00 67 - mail :