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Salers bullSalers heifer

Salers bull, "Durandal" - Salers heifer

In Apchon, located in the heart of the Cantalian Massif, Vincent shares with you his passion and dedication to his work : the breeding of one of the most beautiful cows in the world : the SALERS !

Discover this race through photographs and animals selected for you by our care. Good visit!

salers cow

Salers cow Superbe

Salers bull and Cow Salers calf

Salers bull, Reflet, cow salers, Tamise and salers calf

salers bull, Condor

Salers Bull : Condor

salers cow, Radieuse salers cow, Ardaille

Salers cow - Black salers cow

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Salers cow and bull

Salers cow and salers bull


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