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Presentation of the race

"All shapes of crossing destroy the races to which one applies them, and destroy them without return; the selection alone improves them." Tyssandier d'Escous.

"High Auvergne is not the country of the significant hearts and delicate natures... It is known as that it is necessary to suffer initially, to cure then. Only the red cow with survived this treatment." R. Géraud.

These are beautiful statements and they are so true.


vache salerssalers cow, Tamise



In the years 1850's, Tyssandier d' Escous is recognized as the founder of the Salers breed of cattle.

The standard of the Salers breed was defined for the first time in the 1900's. At the beginning, the standard was established for a typical, traditional cow/calf operation and milk production in the Cantal region.

Since the 1960's, the Salers breeders have been specializing primarily in the cow/calf operation where the male calves are sold at 9 months of age to feedlots and the females are kept for replacements.

Thanks to the work of the Salers breeders, the Salers cow has become the best as a mother breed. Her ease of calving, her milking ability, her rusticity, and her well-known meat quality makes the Salers cow the best choice for a cow/calf operation.


Neverthless, the Salers cow is oftentimes used in crossbreeding, especially with the Charolais breed (the Charolais bull brings more muscling to the calves) without altering the excetional mothering ability of the cow.

The qualities of the Salers breed and its ability to adapt to different climates has been recognized in numerous regions of France as well as many Foreign countries(today, the Salers breed of cattle can be found on all five continents)

vaches salers

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