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I took over the family herd in 1998. In my family, we have been raising Salers cattle for three generations.

From the 1930's to the 1970's, the Salers cow was selected primarily as a dairy cow ( there was a better return selling milk than selling meat)

From the 1970's on, the Salers breeders have been selecting for a dual-purpose cow that has more frame and muscling while maintaining enough milk production to raise a big calf.

My father who took over what was essentially a dairy herd in 1966 started selecting for a bigger cow, more muscled, with adequate milk production to bring in a big calf in the fall. It is from this time on that my father improved his herd using some of the oldest bloodlines in the Salers breed.

The herd being registered with the Salers herd-book, one can find pedigrees going back to the foundation of the breed.

Currently, our herd is made up of 80 cow/calf pairs, about 20 2 year old heifers, about 30 yearling heifers, and the bulls.

Our 100 hectare farm is at an altitude of 1100 meters.

vaches salers

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