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October 2009

Competition of horses to Riom-ès-Montagnes

Thank you still to all the persons who helped us in the preparation and the presentation of mares for the competition :

Départ du pré pour les juments ! Bonne tranche de rigolades !!

Departure of the meadow towards the truck - The good moments of contribute !

Thank you and in the next year I hope !!

Tressage des crinières

Destination "La Bretagne" for this breeder salers son of Pavlov - G.I.E. Génération salers - and Norvège at Mister Gilles Le Mouellic in Morbihan !

salers bull

Males have just been deprived :

salers calvessalers calves

salers heifer salers heifersalers heifer salers heifer

salers heifer

salers heifer

September 2009

salers cows black salers calf

salers heifer

Comice Salers de Riom-ès-Montagnes on Sunday, September 6th

July - August 2009

salers heifer salers heifer

salers cow and her calf

Salers cow

June 2009

salers cowOuganda and Vauban Salers heifersalers heifersalers

May 2009


Vanille, foal of Orphée, been born on May 23rd.

salers cows

salers cows

salers heifer

salers cowsalers heifer

salers cow salers

April 2009

salers calves salers calves

First exits for the calves, to become used to the outdoor life.

breton horse

Vauban, foal of Uganda, been born on April 17th.


Vicomte, Laura's foal, been born on April 6th.

March 2009

breton horse

Volcan, foal of Iris, been born on March 22nd.

salers bull, condor and his girlfriend

breton horse

It is the spring !

salers heifer salers heifer

February 2009

salers bull

When Voltaire unwinds legs in the snow!

January 2009

salers calf

salers calves

The First calvings 2009!

They vêlent always alone and mostly the day! They are too nice!

salers cowsalers cow

The velles of 2008

Salers  heifer Salers  calves

" We would like to go out, it is not possible?? " - " no, there is still some snow! "

Décember 2008

salers cowssalers cows Salers heifersalers bull

November 2008

In November 20th : the whole livestock has just returned shielded from the bad weather.

Distribution of hay, because the grass comes to miss.

salers cows

The sold heifers are well, the proof in photo :

salers heifer salers heifer

4 new breedings of salers in Ardèche, in the Loire, in the Tarn and in Haute-Loire

October 2008

Feet in the snow

salers cow

On Friday, October 10th : local Competition of drafthorses to Riom-ès-Montagnes

que du beau monde pour le tressage de ces belles juments ! Orphée et Ulysse son poulain, Tania et Raïssa

Thanks to the beautiful blondes who helped us in the plaiting of mares!

juments de traits

September 2008

On Sunday, September 7th : cantonal Comice Salers de Riom-ès-Montagnes:

salers cow salers heifer

An excellent competition both in quality and in quantity!

August 2008


Rappel pour la vaccination FCO pour l'ensemble du cheptel effectué.

Delivery of the straw for winter.

straw The straw

July 2008

Once finished hays…


… the whole breeding is vaccinated, these days (28 - 29 - July 30) against the FCO.

salers cowssalers cows

Same thing in 3 weeks, with the recall, and the herd will be protected for the year.

salers heifersalers cows



While we make the hays, Nadine and her girlfriends "make their train"!


June 2008

The haymaking goes good progress with the sun

Fenaisonsalers cows and horse

while salers cows and Breton mares take a sun bath !

salers cows

The herds benefit from some too rare sun rays.

salers heifer

The sun is shinning !

salers heifer

May 2008

Orphée, Breton mare born in 2002 on the exploitation, gave birth this Saturday May 17 to a foal, Ulysse.

breton horse


April 2008

salers bull, Condor

March 2008

salers cows

salers cow

breton horses

February 2008

We have about 60 calves for this nice salers cows


January 2008


salers calf

Altesse and Alsace gave birth to their first calf.

salers cows and calves

December 2007

salers calf Happy Christmas !

Petite sortie in the snow for the afternoon.

saers calves

Go eating !

salers heifer

Last sun before coming in for winter


November 2007


salers heifer

Take care of animals : Salers cows

salers cows

salers calves

October 2007

On Tuesday, October 9th : Competition of the horses of trait in Riom-es-Montagnes.

I forgotten make photos. Damage, there was of what to make. I would like to thank all persons who help me.

breton horse

salers heifer

salers heifer

September 2007

Congratulations to Frederick du GAEC du Gour, animal husbandry Duval father and son.

salers heifer

Azalea, this splendid heifer Salers, part in Valetta (Cantal),

salers heifer

On Sunday, September 2nd, 2007: Cantonal Competition of Salers breed in Riom-ès-Montagnes. Of the sun and the nice Salers

salers heifersalers heifer

Bull salers of 3 years: son(thread) of picture. Vidock was born in our animal husbandry and makes career at mister Augustin BOYER.

salers bull

Salers Heifer

salers heifer

salers heifer

August 2007

salers heifer

July 2007

A calf was born

salers calf salers cow and calf

To make hay



June 2007

The summer starts peacefully. Everyone was well accustomed. Each one benefits from an abundant grass since the sun returned.


May 2007

salers calves

Salers calf in spring

Ouganda, Breton mare was born in 2002 on the farm, given birth the 12th saturday of May of a foal, Tintin.

breton horse

Iris, Breton mare was born in 1996 on the farm, given birth the 11th friday of May of a filly : Tania

breton horse

April 2007

salers calf

We are in full period of calving. Nearly 70 calves at March 20 (spring). That gives work, but all occurs well, thanks to this breed which is the salers, I can nevertheless sleep. Indeed, most of the time I arrive quietly at the cattle shed to clean and make to suck small calves and oh surprised new born!!

salers calves

They are formidable these salers; they make their calf all alone, because they do not like that they are supervised. That makes it possible not to be always behind, even if once the calf born one puts it in a park with his/her mother so that it can lick it and that the feed can to him.

breton horse

Next topicality ....

With Soon!

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